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India is known for its intricate artwork, which can also be seen in some jewellery. There are many types of traditional jewellery artwork that are popular in India, one of which is temple jewellery. Temple jewellery is a big hit among women buyers of all ages and showcases the presence of brides and guests at weddings. Temple jewellery is one of the crafts of India. Temple jewellery is a kind of ethnic jewelry, which is prepared in various forms of Goddesses and Goddesses. The temple ornament is a symbol of South India. When you think about temple jewelry, the image of a big necklace or a heavy earring comes to mind, which you can wear to a wedding function. And besides this, many temple jewellery designs are available which are small and can be worn on regular days as well. Mainly, temple jewellery is of two types: Traditional Function jewellery: This type of jewellery is worn by women in traditional function. This includes heavy necklaces, chokers sets, earrings, etc. Occasion

The importance of jewelry in Women Life

The importance of jewelry in the lives of women can be explained by the fact that women have loved jewelry since ancient times, so this is something they have inherited…  It is something prominent without jewelry. Jewelry is an important ornament for all the special occasions that a woman goes through in life - such as a wedding, anniversary, birthday party, the birth of the first child (in some places women get jewelry from their husbands to mark the special event ).  Therefore, if women do not wear jewelry on such special occasions, it would be at least odd, don't you agree? Everywhere in the world, women have worn substantial amounts of jewelry. Traditionally, jewelry represents a symbol of prestige, wealth and power. Jewelry has the ability to highlight the personality of women and brings out the best features when wearing the right jewelry for the right occasions.  Whether it is about necklaces, bracelets or earrings, jewelry is extremely popular. So why do many w

Maang Tikka Must-Have Forehead Ornament For Indian Women!

In Indian tradition, there are various kind of jewellery ornament which can be worn on different body parts, like a necklace on the neck, nath on the nose, bajuband on arms and much more other types of jewellery and one of them is maang tikka a forehead ornament.   The importance of wearing maang tikka on the forehead is that it’s an honor and indicates good fortune. Women worship their wisdom by adorning mang tika and this ornament protects from bad energy too.   Maang tikka is one of the beautiful jewellery pieces which is a must for the Indian bride to have in her wedding jewellery collection. It adds a different vibrant look to brides on her special day. But now days not only brides wear mang tika but every woman loves to wear it.   In markets, various types of maang tika are available, before buying the one for you get the complete knowledge of various kinds maang tikka.   1. Gold-Tone Traditional Maang Tika Gold-tone maang tika is usually clubbed with other matching gold finis

How to choose the right bridal jewellery accessories

Wedding jewellery is always close to a bride’s heart. They narrate her story of love, are an investment and the legacy which will be passed on from generation to generation. The bridal jewellery market in Hyderabad is huge. Options are available in different styles of jewellery like polki, handcrafted jadau,  jewellery, kundan, diamonds or pearls; a bride should choose something that she loves personally, and portrays her unique style. As soon as the wedding shopping starts, it is important to set the bridal jewellery budget, so you do not have to compromise with your wedding look. To help you choose the right kind of jewellery, we have listed down certain points that will help you get rid of the confusion and select the right kind of wedding jewellery. 1. Decide your style based on the wedding dress Your wedding jewelry should match the color of your lehenga. you can choose a few simple yet baby ones that really bring out the beauty of your wedding lehenga. With a V-sh

Different Types Of Indian Bridal Jewellery That Every Bride-To-Be Must Know

Indian bridal jewelry grabs everyone’s attention with the visual appeal of its intricate designs. However; the actual beauty of the jewellery pieces lies much deeper and is considered a blend of spiritual and cultural essences for the most auspicious and beautiful occasion of a woman’s life. No woman has such an important occasion in her life as her wedding. This is more for an Indian woman. The Indian bride looks very fabulous in her shiny jewelry set with her special bridal dress. Bridal jewelry reflects the overall appearance of the bride on her Marriage -Day and should be carefully chosen. Thanks to all those pre-wedding ceremonies in India, such as engagement, music ceremony, mehndi ceremony, tilak and more depending on the family tradition. Each ceremony has its own importance and the bride looks no less than a princess with all her adorned costumes and precious jewellery. Let's have a look at the top   South Indian bridal jewellery that is trending this wedding se