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5 Ways to overcome psychological stress due to coronavirus

Hello Business owners and entrepreneurs, Have you been observing a spike in your anxiety because of COVID-19? If so, you certainly are not the only one. Diseases are not declared lightly, and an increase in the level of your stress is actually a normal reaction. However, not only is stress unfriendly, it can also hamper your resistance power. Besides coping with the nervousness of business continuity planning (BCP), business leaders have to manage their staff as well as their own families. Before moving further, do remember “Invisible threads are the strongest ties.” — Friedrich Nietzsche But don’t worry, every bad phase has its expiry date. So, let’s smile and focus on these 5 ways by which you can cope up with psychological stress caused due to corona 1. Build your Online Reputation For every big, small or medium-scale business, it is very essential to Build the online reputation of the brand. During this pandemic, when every business is facing financial

Things Coronavirus Taught Us

Coronavirus disease is one of its kind and none of us have ever faced such a pandemic before. It affected people across all the countries resulting in lakhs of deaths. Although it created mass havoc, it also taught us a few things like: Family is most Important: In this difficult time, most of us are lucky to be with our family. But few people are still out there, alone, longing to meet their family. This disease taught us to spend some quality time with our family. Cherish memories and create new ones. We are all Equal: No one is protected from the virus whether to reach or poor. All are equal. All are quarantined in their homes. Money also can’t buy them freedom. The coronavirus is not differentiating anyone based on their gender, caste, religion, or color. Competition is not the solution, collaboration is: In this difficult time, we should all stand together. It is not a competition who fights it and comes out of it first. It won’t leave us until we all c

How To Decide The perfect Wedding Jewellery

For a woman, a wedding is not just a one day event, it is one of the most important day of her life. She plans this day from her childhood, from the day she understands the term “wedding”. She plans every single thing from her makeup to her engagement ring. The planning keeps changing as per her maturity but it is always in her mind. This event is given a lot of importance worldwide and every couple strives to make their wedding the best day of their life. Every single thing is planned properly. The clothes of the Bride and the Groom are matched with each other. One of the ways of making this day more glamorous is through selection of elegant and stylish jewellery. From engagement ring sets, earrings, pendant, bangles and many other items, there are various ways to accessorise yourself and stand out from the rest on your big day. Choosing the perfect jewellery is very important as it showcases your style, your culture and the significance of the day for you. Some jewelleries a