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5 Amazing Tips for Capturing your Jewelry

Hello Friends, If you have Jewelry business or thinking of starting it, then the first thing that will come in your mind is photography of jewelries, as it is said that picture speaks a thousand words, therefore it is very important that photos of all jewelry pieces are neat, crystal clear and beautiful. So let’s help you in this matter by providing you the Tips and Tricks that should be applied while taking photographs of your jewelries Set up your props and materials 1. A window and regular light Snapping a picture of shiny gems utilizing your camera's blaze is never a smart thought! The adornments will mirror the splendid light, leaving your item canvassed in white light spots with cruel shadows out of sight, as in the two models beneath.   Except if you're an extremely gifted photographer with an expert studio, take your gems item pictures utilizing regular lighting. Recollect that with common lighting, you need to utilize the sun as a roundabout light s

8 Tips to help you grow as you work from home

As a result of the coronavirus outbreak, we all are trapped in our houses. Most of us are working from home and it is tiring at times. The atmosphere of the home is very much different from the atmosphere of the office, and we feel lethargic at home. Our productivity is reduced to a great extent. Being efficient while working from home can be a challenge. But we can work efficiently and effectively from home if we follow a few tips, which are: 1. Keep yourself regular to work hours: This is the first step to work efficiently while working from home. Although there is no one to nag you to start your work at a certain time, it would increase your productivity if you follow a pattern and keep a deadline. Be available when your boss needs you. 2. Plan your work: When you work from home, you are not constantly being reminded of your responsibilities and some important work might skip your mind. Therefore, you must plan your work and it will help you in proper execution. 3. Take

Tips to take care of your Jewellery

We all love and adore pieces of jewellery owned by us. We protect it more than we protect ourselves and we predict a long and happy relationship with our jewelleries. But like every relationship, a little maintenance is essential for a long and healthy life of the pieces of jewellery. Pieces of jewellery act as an heirloom and passed on to generations one after the other. And for the eternal shine of the pieces of jewellery, proper care and maintenance is a must. Following are a few tips to take care of your jewellery: 1.Professional clean up: Once a year, you must take your jewellery to a jewellery shop for professional clean up and polish. Clean up is not very expensive and it gives long life and luminous shine to the jewelleries. 2. Take it off before sleeping: Although we all wear a piece of jewellery that stays permanently on our body, no matter how tired you are, always remove your heavy jewelleries before going to bed. Sleeping while wearing pieces of jewellery may los