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Sri Bhavani Jewels – The Pride of Telangana's Jewellery

Telangana state although newly formed,  has a rich culture and heritage. You will find many reasons to adorn the state like their amazing colorful festivals , delicious food, traditional attire and much more. Telugu, one of the four literary languages of the Dravidian family, occupies a prestigious place among Indian languages, being renowned for its antiquity and admired by many for its mellifluous quality. “City of Pearls” Hyderabad , Capital of Telangana is the heart of the state. It is a city well known for its monuments and Jewellery.  Telangana is known for wearing Traditional and Beautiful Jewellery. Temple Jewellery is the traditional Jewellery of Telangana which is the pride of every Bride. When it comes to culture and tradition, than Jewellery is one thing that depicts our personality and status. There are many few showrooms in Hyderabad that make unique and Purely Traditional Jewellery for the local community of Telangana. Sri Bhavani Jewels  is few of those jewellers who is

Temple Jewellery – Pride of South India

Temple Jewellery  is a kind of Traditional Jewellery, which is crafted in various forms of Gods and Goddesses. It is generally made up of Gold with images of Gods and Goddesses embedded in it. Besides Gold, Temple Jewellery is also made up of other metals like Silver, copper, Bronze etc. The design of  temple jewellery itself makes the look so glorious that it can even go with an simple outfit. Temple Jewellery is a Traditonal Jewellery of South India. The South Indian Bride is said to be incomplete without wearing the beautiful Temple Jewellery. Temple Jewellery is made up of north Indian Stones like Polki or Vilandi. What is the cultural significance of temple jewellery for brides? Temple jewellery signifies a sense of a divine presence in your life every time you wear the piece. Wearing this traditional Jewellery keeps you connected with your tradition and culture. On the wedding day, temple jewellery enhances the beauty of the bride and it embarks the beginning of ne

Tips to Styling your Jewellery

Do you feel good about yourself when you accessorize yourself with jewellery? Every girl wants to own jewellery which compliments her style. But you can’t just go on and wear any piece of necklace, or a pair of earrings, with any kind of clothes. So, to save you from this fashion disaster, here are a few Jewellery styling tips to make you feel and define yourself better. WHY YOU MUST CHOOSE TO WEAR JEWELLERY Jewellery is the most specific and personal addition to the elements of your look. They reflect your personality . A jewellery item is a final touch to your complete clothing look. It serves multiple purpose like expressing your sense of style and personality, providing a completely new touch to your personality and enhancing your beauty a little more. Besides, several jewellery items hold sentimental values attached to them. They have the legacy of being passed on from generation to generation. They are a possession for a lifetime. Who doesn’t want to adorn such a timeless

Traditional Jewellery of Telangana

Jewellery has always played an important role in an Indian woman’s life. With the changing world, new jewellery types evolved, but traditional jewellery still holds the crown in an Indian woman’s heart.   Not only is it rich in elegance but also it holds sentimental values of several generations. The Traditional Jewellery of Telangana occupies a special place in the hearts of their local community.  The whole state of Telangana, despite being newly formed, holds a very long traditional jewellery culture. Telangana traditional jewellery  is known for its royal elegance, uniqueness, and richness. It is still worn and adorned by mostly all of the brides there. Hence, it plays an important part in the culture and tradition of Telangana. TRADITIONAL JEWELLERY ITEMS There is a rich lineage behind the unique and traditional jewellery items of Telangana. Let us have a look at them one by one. 1.  MAANG TEEKA (Papidibilla): Maang Teeka also called Papidibilla in Tela