5 Jewellery Myths debunked

 Gems have been a piece of human culture and history for quite a long time. While each time has formed the manner in which adornments is made, looks and what comprises as gems, the time has additionally offered to ascend to a few stories and legends around gems. Some of them originate from normal legends while others are more contemporary. Some of them have even subliminally affected the adornments business and supporters the same. We should investigate some normal gems fantasies and shed some light on the reality behind them.


Gold Comes In Different Colors

Gold is consistently yellow in its normally happening state. Notwithstanding, on account of the presence of white, gold, rose gold, and so forth., many accept that gold is accessible in a few hues. Nonetheless, these are only composites of gold – made by blending unadulterated gold in with different metals like iron, silver, or platinum. For example, white gold is a combination of gold, nickel and palladium, while rose gold consolidates gold, silver and copper.


The 12 Gemstones Came The 12 Tribes of Israel

The root of this legend depends on obvious occasions. Ruler Solomon constructed the primary ever Jewish Temple and the High Priest at the time wore a breastplate embellished with 12 gemstones that were accepted to be illustrative of the twelve clans of Jerusalem. From that point, the thought developed to be birthstones for every long stretch of the year. These stone were coordinated to every month with no particular explanation. It was uniquely toward the start of the twentieth century that advanced birthstone list as we probably are aware it today started coming to fruition


Pearls Can Dissolve In Vinegar

There is some reality to this fantasy as pearls are permeable and the most fragile among every single valuable jewel. Subsequently, these stones can break down in vinegar, drift, the cycle is moderate and would take a few days. The fantasy started when Cleopatra needed to arrange an amazingly rich evening gathering and started tossing pearls into her in her beverage. Despite the fact that it is conceivable to break down pearls rapidly by pulverizing them, history has overstated this reality throughout the long term

 Precious stones Are The World's Rarest Gemstone

Precious stones hold the mantle of the world's most extraordinary pearl. While they are among the most uncommon on the planet that their worth outperforms different stones like emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and so forth., a couple of different stones like painite, bixbyite, jeremejevite, serendibite, musgravite, benitoite, taaffeite and garnierite are a lot more extraordinary.

The Bigger The Stone, The More Expensive It Is

It would seem the most natural thing to assume, that the price point of a gemstone directly depends on its size. However, this is far from true, as a stone’s price depends on the 4Cs – cut, colour, carat and clarity. It is entirely possible for a diamond to have a mediocre colour and cut but be large in size and still cost less than a diamond with high-quality cut and colour,  but be small in size. As a rule of thumb, it is always best to choose diamonds based on their overall qualities rather than focussing on their size alone.

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