Bathukamma – Cultural Identity of Telangana.

 Bathukamma is an energetic and exuberant celebration of Telangana and celebrated by ladies, with flowers that develop solely in every locale. This celebration is an image of Telangana's traditional culture

 Bathukamma comes before the beginning of winter. Bathukamma is praised by the ladies of Telangana, proclaiming the magnificence of nature in lively shades of immeasurable flowers.

 The celebration starts seven days before the amazing 'Saddula Batukamma' (the excellent finale of the Batukamma celebration) which falls two days before Dussehra. The ladies people typically return to their parent's home from their parents in law and inhale the outside performance of opportunity to commend the shades of blossoms. For one complete week, they make little 'Batukammas', play around them each night and pour them in a close-by water lake. On the most recent day, the men of the house go into the wild fields and assemble the blossoms like gunuka and tangedi. They get back bagfuls of these blossoms and the whole family plunks down to make the enormous 'Batukamma'.

In the wake of playing around and around the "Batukammalu", before the beginning of nightfall, the ladies society put across them on their heads and move as a parade towards a greater water body close to the town or town. The parade is very vivid with the designs of ladies and the "Batukammalu". Melodies of fables are sung in chorale all through the parade and the roads impact them.

Batukamma praises the innate connection between earth, water and the individuals. During the whole going before week, ladies make 'boddemma' (a god of Gowri – mother Durga – made with natural mud) alongside Batukamma and drench it in the lake. This strengthens the lakes and causes it hold more water.

The festival heralds the beauty of nature, collective spirit of Telangana people, the strong spirit of women individuals and also the methodical approach of the agrarian people towards preserving the resources of nature in a festive way. Hence, Bathukamma is the icon of cultural identity of Telangana. For more information visit now :


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