Bajuband or Armlet: An important element of ‘Solah shringar’

An important element of ‘Solah shringar’ . ‘Bajuband’ or Armlet, it is a type of bracelet worn on the upper part of the arm.
Armlets create a style statement for both men and women in present times. Besides being wedding jewellery, armlets are also fashion jewellery. There are various kinds of armlets that range from delicate ones to absolutely sturdy ones. The sturdy ones are specially meant for men folk while the delicate ones are meant to be worn by women.           
Women in India increase the number of accessory on their bodies for various occasions. As we all know that jewellery is associated with many traditional beliefs, it is not only a means to embellish them but more. Earlier women used to decorate themselves with heavy jewellery for all occasions and on a daily basis. Nowadays there is a rare occasion where women dress heavily, but there are some accessories that give you a simple and elegant look with ease. Well, today we have come up with a trendy Indian accessory - armlet.

Significance of Bajuband in Indian Culture:

  • Bajuband is one of the important elements of solah shringar and thus it is very auspicious for Indian women.
  • It is said that adorning your body with Bajuband can protect you from negative influences and the evil eye.
  • It is a symbol of Health, wealth, social status, prosperity, Good luck and success.
  • It also provides you with mental peace and positivity.
  • It is believed that by wearing Bajuband there will be no financial problems in the house.
  • The area where Bajuband is worn is an acupressure point that helps women fight many physical problems like Headache, Muscle and bone pain. 

We will say, armlet! Each and every accessory is known to have some significance with tradition. The armlet popularly known as the armlet makes an important yet least spoken accessory for a bride. Every bride's dream is to look at the most beautiful woman on the wedding day. There are many elements that play an important role in enhancing the beauty of the bride. Jewellery is an essential element that adds an extra sparkle to the personality of women. The most favourite jewellery for the bride is jewellery sets, nose rings, armlets, armlets, bangles, earrings, Matha Patti, and hand bracelets and more.. if you are a bridal and looking for jewellery then visit our store for trendy and wedding jewellery. Sri Bhavani jewels (Best jewellery shops in Hyderabad,) just come here and experience beautiful and lucrative jewellery for your beautiful day.


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