Follow the secret of gold while wearing gold to attract wealth!

Health benefits wearing gold are numerous. Wearing Gold Ornaments on different body parts is common in various cultures from the Vedic era.

Benefits of wearing gold

For many years Gold has been accompanying man as an ornament, money or social status symbol. But do you know more than a status symbol, Gold has spiritual powers that can bring happiness, peace, and stability to anybody when wearing it correctly. Gold is a very important metal that is found on Earth. It denotes prosperity and royalty. In astrology, gold is related to every planet but it mainly relates to Jupiter. Sri Bhavani jewels are giving 24-carat purity of trust.  So you can buy it here.

  • Alleviate stress and depression
  • Activate and clear third eye chakra and heart chakra
  • Reduce emotional conflict
  • Attract wealth and positivity
  • Keep out negative entities and attacks
  • Balance the creative and logical aspects of the brain

Health Benefits of Wearing Gold and Science to Wear Gold Ornaments:
• Gold is the element of Lord Vishnu. To pay respect to Lord Vishnu and to get positive and divine vibrations gold ornaments are worn in the upper parts of the body.
             Gold is warm by nature so, it keeps a body warm and attracts the coolness worn in the lower parts of the body particularly toes and ankles.
             Never wear gold below your naval point as it can disturb your body and can make you ill severely.
             Wearing gold in the feet negatively charges the body and disturbs the mechanism resulting make a person mentally disturbed.

Mental benefits of wearing gold

 Vedic science as other world cultures has highly praised the positive energy of gold which purifies energy fields and ideologies. It is considered a conductor of high energy. It is said to bring mental peace, emotional stability and long-term happiness. It is considered to be a connection to divine consciousness. Essentially, wearing gold does not completely cure any and all diseases, but the presence of gold on your skin will help in the healing process and due to its warm vibrations at an energetic level, sleeping is used as a preventive shield will work. The benefits are subtle, not direct or immediate. Its non-toxic elements make it even more desirable to wear.
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